Author: Christopher Fritz

  • Getting along with 気が合う

    ()() means to get along with someone. Your 気 (spirit) does the action of 合う (to match). When your 気 matches someone else’s 気, the two of you get along. You are kindred spirits.


  • Kindred spirits in golf with 気が合う

    Grammar: Getting along with 気が合う

    俺物語!! » Volume 3 » Page 170

    Takeo’s girlfriend Rinko visits to study with him, but Takeo’s parents take turns interrupting them to get to know her better. Takeo’s father, Yutaka, asks if she watches golf.

    「あ ゴルフですか。あんまり()ないです」
    “Ah, golf? I don’t watch a lot of it.”
    “It’s fun! Do you know about Ishikawa-kun?”
    “I do. My father watches it at home.”
    「お(とう)さん ゴルフする(ひと)なの。()()うね」
    “So your dad’s a golf guy. We’re kindred spirits, eh?”
  • Distracted by test scores with 気が散る

    Grammar Explanation

    美少女戦士セーラームーン » Kanzenban Release » Volume 8 » Page 305

    Ami is used to getting the top grade on mock exams, but when another name starts tying her scores, she begins to get flustered. Her friend Minako suggests they investigate the person behind the name, but Rei isn’t so sure.

    「あのままじゃ 亜美(あみ)ちゃん()()って成績(せいせき)()ちちゃうわ!」
    “The way things are, Ami-chan’ll be distracted, and her grades will drop!”
    「こんなコト (はじ)めたってのがバレた(とき)(ほう)亜美(あみ)ちゃんの()()ると(おも)うけど」
    “I think Ami-chan will be more distracted when she finds out we’ve started something like this.”
  • Getting distracted with 気が散る

    ()() means to become distracted. Your 気 (spirit) does the action of 散る (to scatter).


  • Dissatisfaction with 気に食わない

    ()()わない means to be dissatisfied or displeased. Similar idioms in English include “get on one’s nerves”, “make one sick”, and “rub the wrong way”.

    This idiom is negative only. There is no affirmative counterpart. It is a rougher and more vulgar version of 気にいらない.


  • Getting on one’s nerves with 気に食わない

    Grammar Explanation

    レンタルおにいちゃん » Volume 2 » Page 28

    Following the death of their parents, Kanami’s big brother Kazutaka became secluded and abusive. Kanami begins to spend time with Makoto, a “rental big brother” whose advice gives her hope in restoring her brother’s former kindness. Kazutaka rebukes her attempts, suggesting that Makoto’s filling her with nonsense ideas.

    “He gets on my nerves.”
    “He’s the kind of guy who keeps taking (rental) money while spouting alluring words.”
  • Feeling better with 気が晴れる

    ()()れる means to feel better, to feel as if a weight has been lifted from one’s shoulders. Your 気 (mood, feelings) does the action of 晴れる (clearing up).


  • Feeling a bit better with 気が晴れる

    Grammar Explanation

    アオハライド » Volume 5 » Page 168

    Futaba had been feeling the weight of uncertainty of her standing with Kou. A general discussion about boys and relationships with her friend Kikuchi clears up her feelings.

    “I’m may be feeling a bit better.”
  • Dazed by a wristwatch with 気が遠くなる

    Grammar Explanation

    美少女戦士セーラームーン » Kanzenban Release » Volume 6 » Page 264

    At the stroke of midnight, Chibiusa wakes to a mysterious glow from her new wristwatch. She gets out of bed in a daze, and begins to leave the room. Her cat, Diana, bites her on the arm, returning Chibiusa from her trance.

    “When I looked at this wristwatch, I became lightheaded〰”
  • Becoming lightheaded with 気が遠くなる

    ()(とお)くなる means to become lightheaded, to feel faint, or to be overwhelmed. Your 気 (spirit) does the action of 遠くなる (to become distant) from you. It can also mean to faint or pass out.