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  • What score did you get with 〜のだ

    Grammar Explanation

    美少女戦士セーラームーン » Kanzenban Release » Volume 1 » Page 20

    After failing a test at school, Usagi drowns her sorrows at the arcade. She returns home late and find her mother expecting her.

    「さっき そこで海野(うみの)クンに()ったわよ。海野(うみの)くんテストで95(てん)だったって」
    “I saw Umino a while ago. He said he scored 95 points on a test.”
    “So, what was your score, Usagi?”
    Literal: “So, it is that your score is how many points, Usagi?”

    Usagi’s mother has the observation that Usagi has received a grade on her test, but the observation is incomplete as she does not know how many points Usagi received.

  • That said, aren’t you interested in him with 〜つつも

    Grammar Explanation

    ふらいんぐうぃっち » Volume 5 » Page 57

    Makoto and her family head out on a trip to the river. When they stop to pick up Kei’s friend Nao, Akane greets her with, “Howdy, Kei’s girlfriend!” Nao tells her she’s wrong.

    “Yo, my girlfriend.”
    “Stop that!”
    Although you say that, you’re interested in him, aren’t you?”

    Note: Here も is dropped from つつも.

  • Have seen with 〜たことがある

    三ツ星カラーズ » Volume 5 » Page 115

    Sacchan and her friends come across a torn piece of paper with 「あたり100」 written on it. Thinking it may be for a 100,000 yen prize, the girls head to the shopping district to redeem it. Along the way, their friend Nonoko says she doesn’t recognize where the ticket is from, but Sacchan’s mother says it looks familiar somehow. Kotoha admits it seemed familiar to her as well, but she thought it was just her imagination until now.

    “Even though Sacchan, Nono-chan, and I don’t know it…”
    “My mom and Koto-chan have seen it before.”
  • Have met with 〜たことがある

    ARIA The MASTERPIECE » Volume 4 » Page 152

    Akari and President Aria walk with Alicia to her meeting location. Rather than head back home, Akari and President Aria decide to sit at the café across the street until the meeting is over. There, Akari notices a gentleman sitting at another table.

    “It feels like I have met that man somewhere before.”
  • Sometimes pretending to be someone else with 〜ことがある

    三ツ星カラーズ » Volume 8 » Page 107

    Sacchan and Kotoha notice Yui walking with a couple of her friends from school. The two decide to sneak and follow after them. Sacchan notices Yui doesn’t act quite the same with these friends as she does with Sacchan and Kotoha.

    “Maybe it’s because in an undercover operation or something that she sometimes pretends to be a different person….”
    “…that Yui at school might be trying to hide her true self.”
  • Want to say something with 〜ことがある

    俺物語!! » Volume 9 » Page 117

    Ichinose normally shuns his inferior co-workers. When Rinko starts working at the confectionery, she unknowningly becomes Ichinose’s muse. Even after learning of her boyfriend, Ichinose still convinces Rinko to spend long hours helping him prepare for an upcoming competition. He plans to confess his feelings to Rinko after he wins the competition.

    “Once the competition has ended, I want to say something.”
  • Did you come to get me with 〜のだ

    Grammar Explanation

    ふらいんぐうぃっち » Volume 1 » Page 7

    After getting off the intercity bus, Makoto is greeted by her cousin Kei.

    “Did you come to get me?”
    Literal: “Is it that you came to get me?”
    「あぁ そうだよ」
    “Yeah, that’s right.”

    Makoto’s incomplete observation is that her cousin is at the bus stop. The part she is unaware of is why he is there. She comes up with the most obvious reason, that Kei came to the bus stop to get her and show her to his house where she will be staying.

    There was never an exchange where Makoto asks why Kei is there. Asking if it’s the case that he’s picking her up implies that she’s inquiring as to the reason why he’s there.

  • Save Rei while it’s foggy with 〜うちに

    Grammar Explanation

    美少女戦士セーラームーン » Kanzenban Release » Volume 1 » Page 117

    Jadeite captures the priestess Rei. Ami uses an ability to fill the area with fog, giving Usagi a chance to act.

    “Usagi! (Take the opportunity to) rescue Rei while it’s foggy!”
  • Naru’s place with 〜んち

    Grammar Explanation

    美少女戦士セーラームーン » Kanzenban Release » Volume 1 » Page 13

    A lunchtime conversation about recent jewelry store robberies gives way to talk about jewelry and the kinds Usagi and her friends would like to own.

    「なるちゃんちでっかい宝石店(ほうせきてん)だよね。あたしルビーすきーっ♡ パールもいいなーっ」
    “Naru‘s place is a huge jewelry store, isn’t it? (Me, I like rubies. Pearls are also nice.)”

    「なるちゃんのうち」 is contracted into 「なるちゃんち」.

  • Decision made during the day yesterday with 〜うちに

    Grammar Explanation

    恋に恋するユカリちゃん » Volume 5 » Page 4

    Yukari and her friends have a miscommunication on whether they’ll change from their summer uniforms to their winter uniforms yet. The decision is finalized just in time, as the following day is even colder.

    “I’m glad we (took the opportunity and) settled our uniform change (during) yesterday.”
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