Category: Helper Auxiliary Verbs

  • Too much with ~すぎる

    When ()ぎる is used as a helper auxiliary verb, it is often written as すぎる. It may be appended to either the stem form of a verb or an adjective or to a noun. It provides the meaning of a verb bring “too much”. It often (although not always) brings with it a negative connotation.


  • Re-imagining oneself with ~直す

    Grammar Explanation

    ご注文はうさぎですか? » Volume 1 » Page 89

    After mis-imagining her future self, Cocoa gives herself a re-do to imagine a better image. (Note that it appears in a noun form here.)

    「あ ちょと間違(まちが)えたやり(なお)
  • Re-learning how to swim with ~直す

    Grammar Explanation

    ご注文はうさぎですか? » Volume 1 » Page 104

    When Cocoa shows off her front crawl swimming form (while on her back flapping her arms), Syaro tells her she needs to re-learn how to swim.

  • Doing better with ~直す

    Appending 直す to a verb stem gives the meaning of re-doing an action, with the intention of doing it better than before (fixing it).