Hoping with といいです

といいです is used to express a desire for something nice to happen for someone. This has a meaning of “I hope (desired outcome).” The preceding verb is in its stem form.

The desired outcome is one the speaker has no direct control over. If the outcome benefits the speaker, rather than someone else, といいんですが or といいんですけど is used instead, which adds modesty.


Is the Order a Rabbit? » Volume 1 » Page 24 (Right) » Panel 1


As Chino’s father and grandfather (in the form of a rabbit) discussed their energetic new tenant, Cocoa, Chino’s father said, “I hope Chino is able to get along well (with Cocoa).”

Is the Order a Rabbit? » Volume 1 » Page 40 (Left) » Panel 3


After teaching her friends how to bake bread, Cocoa surprised them with a special menu item she created. “I hope it came out tasty.”

Note that Cocoa ends her sentence with だけど. “It would be nice if it came out tasty, but…”