Kindred spirits in golf with 気が合う

Grammar: Getting along with 気が合う

俺物語!! » Volume 3 » Page 170

Takeo’s girlfriend Rinko visits to study with him, but Takeo’s parents take turns interrupting them to get to know her better. Takeo’s father, Yutaka, asks if she watches golf.

「あ ゴルフですか。あんまり()ないです」
“Ah, golf? I don’t watch a lot of it.”
“It’s fun! Do you know about Ishikawa-kun?”
“I do. My father watches it at home.”
「お(とう)さん ゴルフする(ひと)なの。()()うね」
“So your dad’s a golf guy. We’re kindred spirits, eh?”