Tag: 〜たことがある

  • Have seen with 〜たことがある

    三ツ星カラーズ » Volume 5 » Page 115

    Sacchan and her friends come across a torn piece of paper with 「あたり100」 written on it. Thinking it may be for a 100,000 yen prize, the girls head to the shopping district to redeem it. Along the way, their friend Nonoko says she doesn’t recognize where the ticket is from, but Sacchan’s mother says it looks familiar somehow. Kotoha admits it seemed familiar to her as well, but she thought it was just her imagination until now.

    “Even though Sacchan, Nono-chan, and I don’t know it…”
    “My mom and Koto-chan have seen it before.”
  • Have met with 〜たことがある

    ARIA The MASTERPIECE » Volume 4 » Page 152

    Akari and President Aria walk with Alicia to her meeting location. Rather than head back home, Akari and President Aria decide to sit at the café across the street until the meeting is over. There, Akari notices a gentleman sitting at another table.

    “It feels like I have met that man somewhere before.”