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  • Difficult to meet up with 〜づらい

    Grammar Explanation

    キラキラ100% » Volume 2 » Page 158

    After recovering from over-dieting, Miku quickly gained back the weight she had lost. She receives a text message from her boyfriend, Shibutani, about scheduling time to meet up between their summer classes, but she turns him down.

    “I’m sorry, Shibutani.”
    “It’s still difficult to meet with you…”
    “I’ve put in weight again…”
  • Difficult to say with 〜づらい

    Grammar Explanation

    俺物語!! » Volume 1 » Page 141

    Takeo feels Rinko is keeping something from him, but can’t figure out what. Makoto and Ai meet with Rinko to confront her about it.

    ()って! 猛男(たけお)()づらいんでしょ? 猛男(たけお)()わないから!」
    “Tell me! It’s difficult to say to Takeo, right? But I won’t tell Takeo!”
    “She’ll definitely tell him…”
  • Difficult to see the text with 〜づらい

    Grammar Explanation

    好きな子がめがねを忘れた » Volume 1 » Page 12

    Komura shares his history book with Mie. Since Mie forgot her glasses, she leans in as she strains to see the material written in the book.

    「どどどど どうしたの!? の!?!?」
    “Wh-wh-what’s wrong?!”
    “It’s a bit difficult to see…”
  • Difficult to do with 〜づらい

    To express that an action is difficult, the auxiliary adjective may be づらい is appended to the verb stem.