Tag: 〜てはいけない

  • Don’t underestimate bread-baking with ~てはいけない

    Grammar Explanation

    ご注文はうさぎですか? » Volume 1 » Page 35

    Cocoa tells her friends they mustn’t underestimate baking bread. Rather than prohibiting them, this gives the sense that it would be wrong to underestimate the process of baking bread.

    「みんな パン(つく)なめちゃいけないよ!」

    Note that ちゃ is a casual spoken variation of ては.

  • Should not do with ~てはいけない

    Saying one should not perform an action is conveyed by a verb in its て form, the particle は, and the verb いけない (“wrong”, “not good”, “must not do”). Although this does not strictly prohibit an action, it gives a sense of it being wrong to do the action.