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  • Expecting the residence to be around here with はず

    Grammar Explanation

    ご注文はうさぎですか? » Volume 1 » Page 12

    Cocoa gets lost looking for the residence she’ll be staying at. She stops by at a café to rest, and there she asks the barista about it.

    “The Kafuu residence should be around here, but do you know of it?”

    Note the presence of なんだけど.

  • Expecting to be alone with はず

    Grammar Explanation

    ご注文はうさぎですか? » Volume 1 » Page 13

    After Chino shows Cocoa to the changing room, Chino goes to get Cocoa’s uniform. Left alone, Cocoa gets a feeling otherwise.

    “Even though I’m sure there isn’t anyone (here), I feel like I’m being watched by someone.”

    Note the presence of なのに.

  • Expecting stew for dinner with はず

    Grammar Explanation

    ご注文はうさぎですか? » Volume 1 » Page 78

    At the end of her school day, Chino pauses to think about tonight’s meal.

    “Cocoa-san should be making stew for dinner today.”
  • Expectation with はず

    はず expresses the expectation that something should or is sure to take place. It follows a verb or adjective and is often followed by だ.

    はず is followed by なのに when things don’t turn out as expected. Variations of this are なんだけど, なのだが, and なのですが.