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  • Have seen with 〜たことがある

    三ツ星カラーズ » Volume 5 » Page 115

    Sacchan and her friends come across a torn piece of paper with 「あたり100」 written on it. Thinking it may be for a 100,000 yen prize, the girls head to the shopping district to redeem it. Along the way, their friend Nonoko says she doesn’t recognize where the ticket is from, but Sacchan’s mother says it looks familiar somehow. Kotoha admits it seemed familiar to her as well, but she thought it was just her imagination until now.

    “Even though Sacchan, Nono-chan, and I don’t know it…”
    “My mom and Koto-chan have seen it before.”
  • Sometimes pretending to be someone else with 〜ことがある

    三ツ星カラーズ » Volume 8 » Page 107

    Sacchan and Kotoha notice Yui walking with a couple of her friends from school. The two decide to sneak and follow after them. Sacchan notices Yui doesn’t act quite the same with these friends as she does with Sacchan and Kotoha.

    “Maybe it’s because in an undercover operation or something that she sometimes pretends to be a different person….”
    “…that Yui at school might be trying to hide her true self.”
  • Selling bananas with 〜のだ

    Grammar Explanation

    三ツ星カラーズ » Volume 1 » Page 22

    Sacchan receives an urgent message from her mother. She and her friends hurry to Sacchan’s mother’s fruit store to find out what the issue is. Sacchan’s mother explains that the store has too many unsold bananas. If they don’t sell out today, Sacchan will be eating bananas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a while.

    “That said, you’re going around selling the bananas for me, my dear Colors.”
    Literal: “That said, it is that you’re going around selling the bananas for me, my dear Colors.”

    Sacchan learns that she was called because there was an overstock of bananas, but she doesn’t know why she was called over this reason. Her mother fills in the cause of the call, that Sacchan (and her friends) will be tasked with selling the extra bananas.

  • Yui’s grandmother’s place with 〜んち

    Grammar Explanation

    三ツ星カラーズ » Volume 5 » Page 127

    As the end of the year approaches, Yui and her friends discuss which New Year foods they like and dislike.

    “When I go to my grandma’s house, a lot of not-so-good food is served.”
    “That’s pretty bad, Yui.”
    “Are you going to your grandma’s house, Yui?”

    「おばあちゃんのうち」 is contracted into 「おばあちゃんち」.

  • Sacchan’s place with 〜んち

    Grammar Explanation

    三ツ星カラーズ » Volume 4 » Page 38

    Sacchan and her friends decide to make a movie about the district they live in. They stop by Sacchan’s mother’s shop to film a scene.

    “Next is my place! Kise Fruits. This is my mom.”
    “Welcome to Kise Fruits.”

    「うちのうち」 is contracted into 「うんち」.