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  • Want to say something with 〜ことがある

    俺物語!! » Volume 9 » Page 117

    Ichinose normally shuns his inferior co-workers. When Rinko starts working at the confectionery, she unknowningly becomes Ichinose’s muse. Even after learning of her boyfriend, Ichinose still convinces Rinko to spend long hours helping him prepare for an upcoming competition. He plans to confess his feelings to Rinko after he wins the competition.

    “Once the competition has ended, I want to say something.”
  • Difficult to say with 〜づらい

    Grammar Explanation

    俺物語!! » Volume 1 » Page 141

    Takeo feels Rinko is keeping something from him, but can’t figure out what. Makoto and Ai meet with Rinko to confront her about it.

    ()って! 猛男(たけお)()づらいんでしょ? 猛男(たけお)()わないから!」
    “Tell me! It’s difficult to say to Takeo, right? But I won’t tell Takeo!”
    “She’ll definitely tell him…”
  • Kindred spirits in golf with 気が合う

    Grammar: Getting along with 気が合う

    俺物語!! » Volume 3 » Page 170

    Takeo’s girlfriend Rinko visits to study with him, but Takeo’s parents take turns interrupting them to get to know her better. Takeo’s father, Yutaka, asks if she watches golf.

    「あ ゴルフですか。あんまり()ないです」
    “Ah, golf? I don’t watch a lot of it.”
    “It’s fun! Do you know about Ishikawa-kun?”
    “I do. My father watches it at home.”
    「お(とう)さん ゴルフする(ひと)なの。()()うね」
    “So your dad’s a golf guy. We’re kindred spirits, eh?”