Tag: 気が散る

  • Getting distracted with 気が散る

    ()() means to become distracted. Your 気 (spirit) does the action of 散る (to scatter).


  • Distracted by test scores with 気が散る

    Grammar Explanation

    美少女戦士セーラームーン » Kanzenban Release » Volume 8 » Page 305

    Ami is used to getting the top grade on mock exams, but when another name starts tying her scores, she begins to get flustered. Her friend Minako suggests they investigate the person behind the name, but Rei isn’t so sure.

    「あのままじゃ 亜美(あみ)ちゃん()()って成績(せいせき)()ちちゃうわ!」
    “The way things are, Ami-chan’ll be distracted, and her grades will drop!”
    「こんなコト (はじ)めたってのがバレた(とき)(ほう)亜美(あみ)ちゃんの()()ると(おも)うけど」
    “I think Ami-chan will be more distracted when she finds out we’ve started something like this.”