Tag: 気が遠くなる

  • Becoming lightheaded with 気が遠くなる

    ()(とお)くなる means to become lightheaded, to feel faint, or to be overwhelmed. Your 気 (spirit) does the action of 遠くなる (to become distant) from you. It can also mean to faint or pass out.


  • Dazed by a wristwatch with 気が遠くなる

    Grammar Explanation

    美少女戦士セーラームーン » Kanzenban Release » Volume 6 » Page 264

    At the stroke of midnight, Chibiusa wakes to a mysterious glow from her new wristwatch. She gets out of bed in a daze, and begins to leave the room. Her cat, Diana, bites her on the arm, returning Chibiusa from her trance.

    “When I looked at this wristwatch, I became lightheaded〰”