Tag: 気に食わない

  • Getting on one’s nerves with 気に食わない

    Grammar Explanation

    レンタルおにいちゃん » Volume 2 » Page 28

    Following the death of their parents, Kanami’s big brother Kazutaka became secluded and abusive. Kanami begins to spend time with Makoto, a “rental big brother” whose advice gives her hope in restoring her brother’s former kindness. Kazutaka rebukes her attempts, suggesting that Makoto’s filling her with nonsense ideas.

    “He gets on my nerves.”
    “He’s the kind of guy who keeps taking (rental) money while spouting alluring words.”
  • Dissatisfaction with 気に食わない

    ()()わない means to be dissatisfied or displeased. Similar idioms in English include “get on one’s nerves”, “make one sick”, and “rub the wrong way”.

    This idiom is negative only. There is no affirmative counterpart. It is a rougher and more vulgar version of 気にいらない.