Taking advantage of an opportunity with せっかく~だから

せっかく and だから are used when a rare or unexpected situation has come up, and it would be a waste not to make use of it.


The situation appears between せっかく and だから. However the situation is often left out when clear from context.

Further Reading

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  • How to use せっかく ( = sekkaku) (maggiesensei.com)


Is the Order a Rabbit? » Volume 1 » Page 63 (Right) » Panel 1


After a misunderstanding brought Cocoa and her friends to the tea house where Syaro works, Cocoa figured they shouldn’t waste the opportunity. “Since we’re here, is it okay for us to have some tea?”

Is the Order a Rabbit? » Volume 1 » Page 104 (Left) » Panel 3


As Chiya and Cocoa prepare to play chess at a bath house, Chiya suggests, “Since we have this opportunity, why not try betting something?”