Words with 海

The character 海 means sea. It is a combination of ⺡ (from 水, “water”) and 毎 (“every”).

When used alone, the Japanese-based reading うみ is used. As part of a compound, using the Chinese-based reading, it is pronounced カイ. It has a special reading of の when used in 海苔(のり) (edible dried seaweed), which is a combination of 海 (sea) and 苔 (short, moss-like plant).

Examples of (うみ)

Is the Order a Rabbit? » Volume 1 » Page 47 (Left) » Panel 2

「リゼちゃんは (うみ)(うつ)(つき)星々(ほしぼし)ね」

Chiya serves Rize her order: “Moon and Stars Reflected Upon the Sea“.

Examples of 海 read as の

Is the Order a Rabbit? » Volume 1 » Page 36 (Right) » Panel 3

(わたし)自家製(じかせい)あずきと… (うめ)海苔(のり)()ってきたわ」

Chiya’s brought ingredients to use in baked bread include plum and edible seaweed.