Words with 眠

The character 眠 is a combination of 目 and 民. 眠 has the meaning of sleeping, as in “falling asleep”.

The Japanese-based pronunciation for 眠 is ねむ. The Chinese-based pronunciation of 眠 is ミン, same as 民.

As a verb, (ねむ) is the act of falling asleep. This differs from the concept of “going to bed”, which is covered by (). The distinction is more clear when considering the adjective (ねむ), meaning “sleep” or “drowsy”.

Examples of 眠 read as ねむ

Is the Order a Rabbit? » Volume 1 » Page 63 (Left) » Panel 3


While deciding which drink everyone should order, Syaro recommends lavender because Rize had said she hasn’t been able to sleep lately.

Examples of 眠 read as ミン

Is the Order a Rabbit? » Volume 1 » Page 82 (Left) » Panel 2


After seeing strange behavior by Chino earlier in the day, Chiya e-mailed Cocoa to be sure Chino gets enough nutrition and sleep. 睡眠 combines 睡 and 眠, which both mean sleep. “To take a nap” would be 睡眠をとる, such as used in Chiya’s e-mail here.