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Proportional to the degree of time passed with 〜ば〜ほど

ひよ恋 » Volume 1 » Page 40

After a traffic accident sends Hiyori to the hospital, she misses the first few months of the school year. Once she’s finally able to attend, an embarrassing situation occurs, and she runs out of the classroom and hides. Yuushin tracks her down, and Hiyori tells him she should never had come to school.

「ケガなんて とっくに(なお)ってたの…」
"I'd already healed from my injuries."
「たげと… 時間(じかん)()てば()つほど教室(きょうしつ)(はい)るのがこわくなってーー…」
"But, the more time passed, the more scary it became to return to class."