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Thinking or feeling something with 〜気がする

()がする following a word or phrase ending with a verb, adjective, or noun, has the meaning of “I feel that ~” (「〜と(かん)じる」) or “I think that ~” (「〜と(おも)う」).

There is a slight difference in connotation. 「〜と(おも)う」 is used one clearly stating one’s thoughts, whereas 「〜()がする」 is more indirect. The latter may be seen as closer to 「たぶん〜と思う」 (“I think that perhaps ~”).

To express conjecture (推量(すいりょう)), feeling (感覚(かんかく)), or impression (印象(いんしょう)), ような may be used. In this case, the meaning does not change.

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